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Do Regular Dental Checkups Matter?

It is highly recommended for an individual to take good care of their teeth. Oral care, which is much neglected by many, is considered a prime requirement by many doctors. Everyone should make it a habit of getting a dental check-up every six months and not ignore it until you deal with a severe issue. Did you know we have the best dental doctors in Guntur and that there are multiple benefits of getting a regular dental check-up? Here are a few:

  1. Prevention of many dental issues: Tartar, plaque, cavities, and tooth decay are common issues complained about by many. It is said that even the finickiest person fails to reach some places in the mouth and one such is the back molars. They are hard to maintain, so it is a must for a dental check-up every six months. During these check-ups, the dentists would look for any early signs of tooth decay or check for cavities in the teeth. During these visits, the dentists might suggest a tooth cleaning. It involves removing any plaque or tartar from your teeth and gums. Removal of tartar or plaque helps in protecting your teeth and gums from any harmful bacteria.
  2. No more gum diseases: Usually, gum diseases have no symptoms, making it hard for them to know if they are already suffering. Dentists are rescuers when it comes to spotting if you are already suffering from gum disease during regular check-ups. The dentist tries to check if the gums are firm. If not, they would look for indications like receding gums, deep gum pockets, and swelling. After checking in case of any issues, the dentists would recommend and treat the cause. Usually, most gum issues can be cleared through good oral habits and proper guidance from the doctor.
  3. Regular check-ups help check for oral cancer: The regular dental check-ups are for simple teeth cleaning and give the dentist a chance to check for oral cancer signs. Usually, oral cancer goes undetected and turns out to be a life-threatening illness. In case the doctor has any doubt, they would first look for a dead tissue caused by the tumors through a special light, and this examination is called a VELscope cancer exam. 
  4. Can detect any health issues: Routine dental check-ups are not all about teeth alone; the dentists will check your head and neck. They check for the lymph nodes, swelling in the neck and jaws, lumps, deformities, and any illness indications. In case of any issues, the dentists would suggest appropriate medical help.

Brushing teeth twice a day is a common household rule. Add one more rule to the list, getting a dental check-up twice a year for a good set of healthy and strong teeth.