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Food & drinks with surprising oral health benefits

The foods that we consume have a lot of direct effects on our teeth. As we often hear about chocolates and sugars that lead to cavities and degradation of oral health, some of the foods we consume actually help our teeth. Read through to understand what foods help.

Fruits and vegetables like apples, melons, pears, and cucumbers have a very good water content in them which helps dilute the sugars they contain. This helps wash away any food particles or harmful acids caused by various foods that are present in the mouth area. Also remember to have citrus foods, tomatoes, and lemons as a part of larger meals to help minimize the acid from them.

Other food items like cheese and nuts serve as a great way to protect the health of your teeth. These food items help protect the enamel of the teeth as they contain good amounts of calcium and phosphorus which helps minerals get redeposited in the tooth enamel. On the other hand, vegetables like broccoli and spinach have a high percentage of calcium which also helps strengthen your teeth.

Another surprising thing that is good for your teeth is to chew sugarless gums. This helps dislodge food that is stuck in the teeth and helps reduce cavities. But always choose the right chewing gums for this.

Drinking water, especially fluoridated water and unsweetened tea are great choices that help flush all the toxins off your mouth area. It is essential that you keep sipping on the water every 30 minutes for your mouth to have the best natural cleanser.

Lean meat of all kinds, including chicken, serves as a great source of protein, which is very important for teeth and gum health. Lean meat is also rich in phosphorus, known for its bone formation and remodeling. Without phosphorus, teeth can be very easily chipped off, though your diet is high in calcium and vitamin D.

Salmon is also very rich in protein and is great for the health of the body. The proteins that it contains is very vital for gum revitalization and it works on muscle and tissue repair and helps with any damage in the mouth region.

It’s always great to ensure you have these food items in your regular diet to maintain your oral health. Nevertheless, visit your dentist at least once every 6 months to ensure the overall health of your teeth and gums.