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Primary health care Tips

The term ‘Primary Health Care has been redefined many a times to suit the needs of the then current situations, but according to WHO, ‘’Primary Health Care’ is a whole-of-society approach to health that aims at ensuring the highest possible level of health and well-being and their equitable distribution by focusing on people’s needs and as early as possible along the continuum from health promotion and disease prevention to treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care, and as close as feasible to people’s everyday environment.’

Primary Health Care is a commitment to social justice that the highest standards of health has to be attained and it is the fundamental right of every human being. It ensures people receive quality care ranging from promotion to prevention of treatments, rehabilitation care for people in everyday’s environment. It is the most inclusive, equitable, cost-effective and efficient approach to enhance people’s physical and mental health, as well as social well-being.

Making health systems more able to withstand crisis conditions, proactive in seeing early indicators of epidemics, and ready to act quickly in response to spikes in service demand are also essential. The fact that Primary Health Care is the “front door” of the healthcare system and lays the groundwork for the improvement of crucial public health functions to address public health emergencies like COVID-19 is widely acknowledged, despite the fact that the evidence is still developing.

Here are 9 Primary Health Care tips for you to take care of your health and body, which can avoid most concerns:
1. Make sure you engage yourself in daily physical activities, for atleast 30 minutes a day
2. Maintain a balanced diet. It is always good to ensure all the lean proteins, healthy gains, fruits and vegetables are added in the diet. Also needs to contain low saturated fat and cholesterol tokeep the heart healthy. Low sugar and salt always strike the right balance, to feel more energetic.
3. Brushing teeth twice a day helps remove the leftovers in your mouth, which prevents any oral concerns that might have caused otherwise.
4. Taking care of your mental health is of prime importance. With all the stressful situations that the days come with, it is always important to be self-aware of your personal emotions to be able to be at peace
5. Avoid smoking and regulate drinking – Smoking has a lot of effects on the lungs and breathing patterns. It is best not to smoke to avoid minor to major issues like cancers. It’s always good to avoid drinking as well, due to its effects on the liver. If you drink, keep it to a minimum. Be sure to never drink before or while driving, or while pregnant.
6. Make sure you visit the doctor atleast once in 6 months to ensure you are doing fine.